Spectator Stands


Banagher Precast Concrete have completed spectator stands to cater for capacities of 300 spectators up to capacities of several thousand spectators. The design flexibility offered by our precast system enables the unique features associated with every Stadium to be achieved.

Our dedicated design team works closely with the client from an early stage to ensure that all of their requirements can be met. We have the experience to offer complete precast solutions and alternatives to existing designs to develop the most efficient and cost effective design.

We are committed in providing a professional and highly technical service to ensure that we provide a modern package with the latest techniques for the small stand market. Small clubs can have facilities to rival those of Headquarters.

We offer a full service in terms of the design, manufacture, construction and installation of precast concrete stadia.

State-of-the-art design and our advanced production procedures make Banagher Precast Concrete’s precast stadia components the construction material of choice.

Each development is designed to suit the needs of the individual client, and complies with the 1997 Code of Practice for Safety at Sport Grounds, BS8110 and EC2 Design of Concrete Structures



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