Case Study

Banagher Precast Concrete was awarded the contract to manufacture and deliver the precast units for UB327 on the Dublin to Wexford line by Irish Rail. The contract consisted of a complete Deck Unit, five Ballast Retainer Units and two Cill Beams or Bedstones.

Due to the size of these Deck Units they were typically precast in segments and then stitched together on site. However Banagher Precast Concrete manufactured the Deck Unit in one piece thus allowing the Deck Unit to be delivered to site and erected on the same night during the rail possession. This eliminated any insitu stitching works and the associated delays due to curing time required.

The Deck Unit measured 17.7m long, 4.6m wide and weighed over 115 tonnes. Special transport equipment was required to transport the Unit to site, with a total of 15 axles required to distribute the load.