Thomond Park Stadium

Case Study

Banagher Precast Concrete Limited were appointed for the design, manufacture and installation of the structural frame and all seating and terracing elements in April of 2007.

Our in-house design team in conjunction with Exstrado Consulting Engineers proposed a precast alternative to the original steel frame design. The Clients design team accepted the proposal as the most economical advantageous tender. However the following inherent benefits with our system were also a major factor:

  • Fire resistance of precast concrete
  • Paint free = maintenance free support structure
  • Dampening characteristics of concrete subject to crowd load.
  • Ability to submit alternative designs/drawings at tender stage and achieve challenging design, manufacture and construction programme.

An important feature of the construction process was the Clients requirement to maintain the ground as a working stadium. During the construction phase, 3 Heineken Cup Matches were staged at Thomond Park without disruption to the Client or the construction programme. In order for this to be achieved, all construction work had to be kept off the pitch. Along with the main grandstands, Banagher Precast Concrete supplied a precast alternative to the west standing terrace. This element was required to be in position for the Heineken Cup Games in Oct/Nov 2007 to meet minimum capacity requirements and was the first element on site in June 2007. We finished our works on site in April 2008 and the ground reopened in September 2008 on programme for the Heineken European Cup Games.