N25 Kinsale Road Interchange

Case Study

The Kinsale Road Interchange was a Design and Build contract of one of the busiest road networks in the Republic of Ireland. There were many challenges to overcome on this complex project including having to manage the 100,000 vehicles per day travelling through the site.

Bam were awarded the contract in March 2005 and together with their designer Mott MacDonald commenced design on the project with work starting on site in June 2005.

The design focus was on improving the ‘buildability’ of the project which was deemed essential for construction on a congested site with live traffic running underneath and ensuring that the project design provided for maximum speed of construction on site, thereby minimising the potential public impact of the project.

From the start, Banagher Precast Concrete worked closely with Bam and their designers Mott MacDonald to develop an efficient, cost effective solution that would facilitate Bam’ ambitious construction programme and reduce the amount of onsite work that would normally be required on such structures.

Banagher Precast Concrete proposed the use of our W-Beams to span the bridge decks. This contract was the first use of the Banagher W-Beam. Each of the two decks consisted of 10 No. W14 Beams, 36.4m long with each beam weighing 90 tonnes. The beams were transported to site form our production facility on special trailers and erected during night-time possessions. The beams for both spans were erected over 4 nights.

Due to the restrictions on site Banagher Precast Concrete developed a fully precast cantilever and coping system which was another first for this contract. These panels were cast in 3m lengths and were placed directly on the edge WBeams. The panels included projecting rebar for incorporation into the deck. This system eliminated the need for costly and time consuming temporary works and shuttering on site.