Millbrook WWTP

Case Study

In April 2012, Banagher Precast Concrete was awarded the contract to supply the precast concrete Tie Beams to the state of the art waste treatment facility in Southampton. These precast elements included 17m long precast tie beams weighting over 8tonnes each.

Millbrook Wastewater Treatment Works in Southampton consists of the construction of a new treatment tank known as an activated sludge plant, which wastewater passes through during the treatment process. The tank measures 92 meters long, 61 meters wide and 7.5m high. As part of the design, precast concrete tie beams over 17 meters long were required to act as a brace for the dividing walls as each of the tanks was filled and emptied. This innovative design by the consulting Engineers and contractor saved large volumes of insitu concrete both in the wall design and the foundation structure.