Quality, Standards & Service

At Banagher Precast Concrete we are committed to the design, manufacture and delivery of quality products and service, which is recognised by our ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard. All our precast and pre-stressed concrete products are produced within certification and industry standards to meet the most exacting and precise specifications as dictated by modern international construction practices. Through our combination of a highly motivated and skilled workforce coupled with the latest in modern technology and facilities we deliver on our commitment to quality standards and service.

I.S EN 206-1:2002 Certification (UK BS 8500)

In 2008 Banagher Precast Concrete became certified to I.S EN 206-1: 2002 Concrete – Part 1: Specification, Performance, Production and Conformity. Working in compliance with EN 206 specifications we produce concrete to the highest standards as required by modern day construction practices. In-house and external testing of fresh and hardened concrete forms an integral part of the production process to ensure concrete is produced to meet all exposure criteria within the code.


From July 1st 2013 CE Marking of construction products covered by harmonised European Standards has become mandatory in the UK and Ireland.

Manufacturers, importers and distributors have new obligations and responsibilities when placing a construction product on the market.

As of from the 1st July 2013 Banagher Precast Concrete Ltd. are fully compliant with the EU Construction Products Regulation (No 305/2011-CPR) governing conditions for the marketing and manufacturing of construction products.

Working in consultation with a notified body, Banagher Precast Concrete have obtained third party certification with level 2+ Attestation for Precast Products manufactured by Banagher Precast Concrete covered by harmonised European Standards.

Inspection & Testing

Robust Inspection and Test Plans are implemented to ensure compliance in accordance with specific project specifications, pre and post pour inspections are carried out by Quality Technician’s to ensure product compliance throughout each stage of the production process. Trial fits are an integral part of the pre-delivery inspections.

All our raw materials (Sand and Aggregates) are sourced locally, we have over 30 years of historical data meeting the requirements of I.S EN 12620.

Research and Development

As a company our focus is to continually improve, continued research and development has enabled the company to keep up with the most advanced practices in concrete production thus producing SCC, HPC and UHPC. With the introduction of cement additions (slag, PFA) and a suite of cement types to choose from we can greatly reduce our carbon footprint and provide a green concrete option.