Precast U-ducts are a new innovation unique to Banagher Precast Concrete, developed as an economical alternative for long runs of box culvert.

The units are produced in lengths up to 10m reducing both production and installation times dramatically. They are particularly economical for long runs of small culvert and for storm water retention tanks, however our high quality steel moulds are flexible enough to produce an ideal solution for most forms of culvert or road underpass. Their proven strength and durability ensure the long term service life requirements are easily met without the complex maintenance issues associated with steel culverts. They are quick and easy to install thereby ensuring that there is a minimum of disruption caused to the users of the road.

The demand for culverts is constantly growing due to their flexibility and the tight constraints on site programmes. Banagher Precast Concrete have five U-duct moulds in use and we are constantly adding to this list. Each U-duct is individually designed by our experienced design team for any application and for any loading including RU railway loads. All our designs fulfill the requirements of the Eurocodes.