Portal Frame Bridges


Portal Frame Construction

The Banagher Precast Concrete Portal Frame system is a hybrid precast concrete bridge system. Unlike regular precast bridges, our hybrid portal frame construction is made up of an n-shaped upper unit and 2nr L-shaped footings per ring. As the units are designed on a job by job basis, the precast portal frame construction can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the customer.

Precast Concrete Bridge Experts

The precast concrete portal frame system provides a faster and more cost effective alternative to cast insitu abutments and bridge beams. Onsite supervision is reduced as the portal frame construction is cast under quality controlled factory conditions.


Concrete Portal Frame Manufacture

The demand for precast concrete portal frame systems is constantly growing due to their flexibility and the tight constraints on site programmes. Banagher Precast Concrete now have five different precast concrete portal frame moulds in use and we are constantly adding to this list. Each precast concrete portal frame is individually designed by our experienced design team for any application and for any loading, including RU railway loads. All our designs fulfil the requirements of the Eurocodes.