Double Tee Flooring


Banagher Precast Concrete Double Tee Flooring is typically 3m wide. Depth can vary from 310 to 1010mm depending on the span required – up to 35m is possible depending on loading.

The versatility of design and the experience of our engineers ensures Double Tee flooring can be adapted for a wide range of applications from Reservoirs, Buildings, Transfer Floor, Car Parks to Walls and Footbridges. Double Tee flooring can even be skewed to allow for abnormal frame conditions. The cost benefits of using double tee car park construction are readily apparent because of its lighter weight in relation to span. Also the underside of the Double Tee provides an attractive architectural feature.

  • Lighter and more versatile
  • Cost competitive
  • Site operations simplified with resulting time savings
  • Spans over 35 metres possible
  • Using DT as ramps provides a column free solution
  • Simplified frame, design and construction
  • Fire resistance properties
  • Incorporation of openings for service pipes/ducts
  • Use of precast elements in frame possible
  • Low units rates relative to support provided
  • No temporary propping is required
  • Accelerated construction time
  • Greater column free space for Car Parks
  • Versatile design suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Shear connection available where no screed required

Download Double Tee Flooring